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Cocorange Brite Hand Cleaner-Industrial Strength Cleaner (12 oz/340 g)

Cocorange Brite Hand Cleaner-Industrial Strength Cleaner (12 oz/340 g)


Enjoy a great day of work with clean hands thanks to this effective Cocorange Brite Hand Cleaner lavender scented heavy-duty hand cleaner with walnut shell powder. Its special formula is gentler on hands as it doesn't contain harsh solvents and includes moisturizers to create softer skin. Additionally, the walnut shell scrubbers can help remove heavy soils, paints, inks, oil, grease and tar. The pleasant lavender fragrance also leaves hands smelling great after they're cleaned. This makes it a great option for places where employees need to frequently clean their hands throughout the work day.


This heavy-duty cleaner comes in a convenient flat top 12 oz container, which is perfect for keeping on-hand  and fit in anywhere. To use this cleaner effectively,  wet hand, then scoop a small amount from the container;  rub hands together in circular montion to get the hand cleaner on all the grease; once the soil loosens, rinse with the amount of water needed to clean the hands and dry.  The ingredients in this hand cleaner are all natural, which means that it is not harming the environment with solvents that goes into the drainage system and make its way into the ecosystem. The main ingredients are  African black soap, walnut shell powder, orange peel, and guava pulp.   With no harsh chemicals in this product, you can rely on it to keep your staff clean and healthy with complete confidence.


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