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Cocorange Brite Foot Scrub

Cocorange Brite Foot Scrub


Beautiful Feet In Minutes takes the hassle out of maintaining your pedicure or getting your feet ready for your sandals. Quick and easy feet care in minutes. Massage into feet for 3-5 minutes and wash of in the shower. 


Quick and Easy

This amazing all natural foot scrub made with a foundation of coconut oil and guava fruit delight your feet as you massage it in for only 3 minutes, or with a pumice stone. This is why it is called "Beautiful Feet in Minutes".

Our Process blends the ingredients to give you smooth feet with minimal effort.

Use Beautiful Feet in Minutes to get your feet clean and soft in minutes. Use it to maintain your pedicure, thus saving you money on not going back to the salon for a long time.


Coconut oil - Anti-bacterial

Guava pulp and seed oil - Clear blemishes

Black Soap - Exfoliating properties


Walnut shell powder- Remove impurities, excess oils and dull surface cells from the skin 

Sodium Bicarbonate - Soothing Effect

Orange Peel - Citric acid to brighten the skin

Sea Salt - Skin moisturizer

Honey - Moisturizing and soothing

Peppermint oil - Cooling sensation

NOTE: (Please consult FDA website for additional information)

GUARANTEE- Empty Bottle Guarantee - Return Bottle and
Your Money Will Be Refunded

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